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Wessex Neurological Centre

Royal South Hants, Jun 2019

We are looking forward to presenting what Healthcare Professional Protection can do the the neuro and spinal surgeons at the Wessex Neurological Centre.

Talk on NHS risk management

Hampshire, Feb 2019

Roger Houston and Chris Cloke Browne discuss Risk Management for the NHS and the implications for medical indemnity in the private sector with a group in Hampshire.

British Association of Spinal Surgeons

Brighton, Apr 2019

We enjoyed talking to spinal surgeons about how to reduce indemnity costs through making their private practice highly defensible.

Recent insurance placed

Travellers with a range of medical conditions … some seeking high cancellaton cover amounts … Specialist professional indemnity for a medico-legal business … Surgery cover for a dental practice … Tools in van insurance for an electrician … Unoccupied property insurance for a home that had been moved out of … Professional indemnity cover for a media business … Professional indemnity for an IT consultancy … Directors and Officers (D&O) for a cryptocurrenty mining business …

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British Dental Association

Wimpole Street, Mar 2019

Roger Houston and Chris Cloke Browne enjoyed chatting to delegates at the BDA training on "Running a safe and compliant practice".

Charity of The Year

Planning our support for and work with the excellent Pelican Cancer Foundation.