Recent requests

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Dental Indemnity

MRSL Enterprise received an email one morning from a dentist who had had his DDO membership suspended. There appeared to be no good reason for this, but as indemnity is a legal requirement the dentist could not work the next day.

By 3pm the team had the dentist on cover with a regaled insurance contract and he could go to work the next day as planned.

Trade tools in van

Most insurance for trade tools does not cover tools in a van parked outside between 9pm and 6am. This is a headach for may trades. Moving lots of stuff in does not work - but no cover in the van.

MRSL Enterprise has an excellent trade tools cover with a neat solution to getting a balance of risk so tools in a van parked outside overnight can be covered.

Tri Aquathlon Events

MRSL Enterprise has been approached by a Hampshire sports club that organises Aquathlons (a swim and run). Their four events are open to members of the public which puts them outside their association insurance policy.

MRSL Enterprise has provided quotes that are competitive with the club buying an extension to the association policy. As their own insurance - the terms fall completely within the club's control.

Medico-legal Expert Witness

MRSL Enterprise has been working with a retired doctor who is doing medico-legal expert witness work. The doctor wished to ensure that his insurance correctly covered his work, as opposed to a standard medical indemnity policy.

A 2011 case removed witness immunity which means that the doctor wanted £10m of cover. This is larger than the usual amount offered by insurers.

MRSL Enterprise worked with a number of insurers, analysing the case law to find one that was comfortable to provide the full £10m limit.


When an executive from an exiting client called asking if we could find Directors and Officers insurance for a company that provides services to cryptocurrencies we wanted to respond. Insurers are wary of the whole emerging cryptocurrency business.

The team called one of our specialist underwriters and gave them a detailed description of the risk.

The insurer confirmed that they would quote within the day and an attractive quote to the client within a few days.

Travel Insurance with Medical Conditions

MRSL received a call on a Saturday morning from an agitated 87 year old. He had booked a wonderful trip to the Cape Verde Islands.... The booking was being held until noon.

Alas his doctor has recently sent him for tests and he was awaiting the results. This means that many travel insurers would not cover him and he could not get insurance.

We had him a quote - with the awaiting results declared - by 11:30am so that he could get the holiday booked...