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Insurances for Business

Data Breach and Cyber

Protects a business against malicious and erroneous data breaches and their consequences. The package of remedial services is as important as the insurance, especially following the introduction of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Dental Indemnity

Protects dentists against claims by patients that treatment was inadequate, inappropriate or caused injury. We have a bespoke Dental Practice Indemnity Product that protects the entire dental practice, including nurses and ancillary staff.

Employers' Liability

Protects employees against loss or injury caused by their employer. Claims arise from workplace accidents and industrial diseases - deafness from noise and asbestosis are two major sources of current claims. Most companies need to buy this insurance by law.

Medical Indemnity

Protects doctors against claims by patients that treatment was inadequate, inappropriate or caused injury. We have a bespoke Medical Entity Indemnity product that protects a medical business, its doctors and ancillary staff.

Professional Indemnity

Protects the clients of service businesses against claims that the service was inadequate, inappropriate or caused loss or damage to the client. Some businesses require this insurance to comply with regulations..

Public and Product Liability

Protects the public from loss or injury caused by the actions of a business. This is similar to Employers' Liability, but it covers non-employees. The clients of many contractors require the business that they buy services from to have this insurance. This is particularly common with Government related work.

Personal Insurances


Protects your home and possessions. For most people is their largest asset. Homeowners' insurance is not a commodity there is a wide range of insurances for your home and your possessions. Getting the right insurance for your home and lifestyle is an important decision.

Yacht and Dinghy

Insurance that covers physical damage to your boat and covers the liability for injuring others on the water. Cover for trollies and trailers can be included.

Travel Insurance

The main purpose of travel insurance is to protect you if you become ill or have an accident including a specialist medical flight back home. Travel insurance also protects your belongings and money against loss and damage and can compensate you for having to cancel or shorten your trip.